This page is in development but gives an idea how a new home page might appear and function using the youtube platform. The body of the page will be populated with relevant thumbnails of all the podcasts arranged in appropriate groups. Three groups are shown here for illustrative purposes.

The first row of the LEVEN LIFE group of embedded video clips. With the video playing, pressing the F key on the keyboard converts to a full screen view with some reduction in image quality but if video is not important a time line for cueing sound is still visible on the small thumbnail sized video. I have added the code to cause the video to loop back to the start point. Occasionally when the video ends the screen shows additional thumbnails from the levenonline youtube channel.

The second row was a trial posting to establish that we will be able to play a continuous playlist of musical tracks without interruption.

Click here to see how it could look with a full screen layout.


to view the embedded videos below press the start button and then press F to enter full screen mode

Postmen and the Post

A Botanist on Easby Moor

VE DAY: A special broadcast

No Time to Die: allowfullscreen active

No Time to Die: allowfullscreen inactivated

Latest Playlist with loop added


Church Notices 05-04

Church Notices 10-05


Planting Trees

Stokesley Weigh Out

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