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The culture has changed a lot. There is a 90 percent change between 30 years ago and today. The issue was that couples used to go shopping with their families before, today they come alone. 3rd parties were always messing up. The person calls me and says, ‘We will come with the girl’s side tomorrow, that’s our number. Please, who doesn’t try to like something that goes above this figure because we don’t have the budget, “he said. After a very short time, another phone was coming, saying, “We will come tomorrow with the male side, we will get what we want, you will do what you need”. The next day, when the boys and girls came together, we were surprised what to do. But these are not the right things. It is very wrong for third parties to interfere with couples who will set up nests.

Now we have begun to analyze such situations easily. When we see some pairs, we say it doesn’t take too long. Because 3rd parties intervene from behind. In such cases, we intervene, and we see this as an obligation. Because there is an attempt to establish a home. The bride lady has the point of view that I have a beautiful wedding ring, solitaire and something that I will always use. On the other hand, the elders of the family have an approach such as ‘have bracelets and a set so that you can use it when you need it tomorrow’. But when the financial situation of the men’s side is insufficient, we step in. They can take a step back when we say, “You can take these choices, we will support you, but what will you do when you bring them back after the wedding?” For this reason, we support them as the last structure that prepares the couples for marriage before the wedding officer.

With the influence of the advertisements, the marriage proposal has been identified with the solitaire ring in recent years. Is there anybody who did not make the marriage proposal with a solitaire ring?

Married women of 20-30 years come and say they have no solitaire and buy this precious ring. This makes us think. Yes, solitaire rings have become widespread with advertisements, but this is all about human purchasing power. Should everyone have a solitaire? Then we have to ask, “Should everyone have a home?” You have solitaire but there have been problems in terms of living standards, what good is it? You can buy gold to invest in a way that your budget doesn’t bother you. But the situation is different for boutique products that appeal to tastes.

I would like to talk to the jewelers. When it comes to jewelery, people who earn a lot of money come to mind. Do jewelers really earn a lot? Or is there any jeweler who lost money?

The main capital of the jeweler is its showcase. The most valuable mine in the world is gold. Someone who does not know anything may think that the jeweler is very rich from what he sees in the showcase. However, 70 percent of the products seen in the showcase are not real, but show-off bracelets. If the smart and capital person is not deceiving the consumer, he / she earns money. But a jeweler who does not have capital, who does not give confidence to the other person and whose aim is to earn money cannot earn money.

Our biggest problem is that it is very difficult to get to and from the grand bazaar. We have big problems with parking. We also conveyed this problem to the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mr. Alinur Aktaş. We have a second Jewelers Bazaar project in Nilüfer. We want to serve people in a safer system in the right location. We hear that theft cases are intense in many provinces. But in Bursa, such events happen in street and district stores. The Grand Bazaar is a very safe place. If our municipalities and the state support our project in Nilüfer, we will gather the district and street stores in that district together. Then we create the same structure as the Lightning, the leading jewelers in Bursa in Turkey would continue to do so until eternity.

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