About us

Leven Online Radio is a project that has grown out of the Community Chapel Hub in the village of Hutton Rudby, North Yorkshire, where our studio is located. It aims to provide a range of good quality programmes for all ages and interests, mixing a wide variety of music with features, interviews, studio discussions, phone-ins and more. Some of our volunteers are new to broadcasting, others have worked with BBC, community, hospital and commercial stations in the past. We are always looking out for new recruits, whom we can train in whatever skills they are wanting to develop: reporting, editing, interviewing or actually presenting their own shows. This is where you will find top 10 best online casinos in uk. Follow the link!

Our programmes are aimed mainly at listeners in the Leven Valley area, stretching from Kildale to Yarm, in which most of us live, but we’re an internet station and the “world wide web” is what it says – so we never know who might tune in: welcome, wherever you are. Constant thoughts in your head how to become rich and successful? With the new play free kitty glitter slot machine you will receive an answer!

We are a station with a Christian ethos, rather than a “Christian radio station” with all that can imply. Much of our content will be of general interest, while particular programmes will focus on questions of faith and values. We guarantee that nothing is going to get shoved down anyone’s throat. We want to hear from anyone in our region, or who tunes in, with an opinion to express or a story to share. We hope to get some lively debates going – but no shouting matches, we’ll be keeping things civilised. Unreal winnings only with black horse automat make yourself happy!

Meet The Team

Richard Bradshaw

I fell in love with broadcasting in the 1990’s as a volunteer with BBC Radio Lancashire. I learned my skills in those faraway analogue days of reel-to-reel tape recorders, where editing needed a razor blade, Sellotape and a lot of patience. It’s such a doddle now we can do it on a computer. I will be presenting “Arts Across the Leven” and the Sunday faith show “Time to Wonder”. Into the mix will go features, interviews, words of wisdom, me burbling on about this and that, and of course music. There will be live performances by local stars, of whom we have quite a number. My own tastes are wide and possibly weird, and initially that will come through in the tracks I choose, but I want to respond to audience requests. Within reason, that is: i.e. no country and in no conceivable circumstances Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you”. We all have our limits. I’m a Methodist minister, having worked for ten years in mental health chaplaincy before retiring in 2017. I reckon I can sing a bit, play keyboards a bit, and take a decent photograph. However, no-one has ever seen me dance, or ever will. You will recognise my broadcasts by my signature signing off phrase: “My name’s Richard Bradshaw, but yours isn’t”.

Colin Adams

Colin was born in Dublin, Ireland but has lived the last 10 years in England. He is a teacher by trade. He is father to two excellent children and husband to a lovely wife. He enjoys listening to music, reading books and writing. He is happy to talk to you or anyone about these things for a long time.

Theme Time

Theme Time is a music program that plays music for an hour at a time. Each hour’s music will be chosen to fit a particular theme. If you think we missed a really obviously thematic tune or you have a theme we can use, get in touch.

John Earland

Hi, my name is John Earland. I live in Great Ayton with my wife, three children, dog and four guinea pigs. I am involved in education as a profession and am passionate about adult education which has taken, and continues to take, my professional life. Widening participation in education to transform lives is my mantra which is why I immediately signed up with Leven Online Radio.

The 1940’s Show

My show is called ‘The 1940s Show’ a nostalgic look at the music, events and news which shaped that era. You will hear all the most favourite tracks from that time together the not so well known now. We’ll feature local news and events as well as looking at the national picture, particularly at the start of that decade and the war years. Each week we will take the corresponding week from 1940 and so on to reveal what life was like back then. As this is the 80th commemoration of the outbreak of the Second World War and the radio station is launching in September, we will be starting the show from September 1939 before going into the new year and the 1940s proper. You’ll also be invited to take part in the show by requesting your favourite tracks and sharing your memories with us. I hope you will join me for a trip down memory lane – BFN – bye for now!

Jamie Wiltshire

Hi all, I’m James (or Jamie). I am a 16 year old student who has a love for music. I like to bring the music I love to the people in my community, so that’s why I joined Leven Online Radio.

Classic Hour

Classic hour is an hour long show which brings you the music from pre 1920 (with the occasional newer piece) which falls under the category of “classical” music. People like Vivaldi, Debussy and Mahler will fill the hour to show you a nostly unheard era of music 

Valerie Sonley

I’m Valerie Sonley. For most of my working life I’ve been a university librarian specialising in the subject areas of arts and media, health, and business and law. I’ve now moved on to one of these modern portfolio careers, otherwise known as a random collection of bits and pieces! I am a wife, and mother of two grown up children. When I can squeeze in a bit of time for hobbies you’ll find me walking on the hills, singing in an acapella group, or reading.

Leven Life

Leven Life is a features programme covering a wide range of topics. Listen out for some interesting articles!

Join The Team

Stefanie Robinson- Hoyle

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact Stef, radio facilitator at www.levenonlineradio.com

Stefanie Robinson- Hoyle is our Radio Facilitator, she grew up in Hutton Rudby before moving to the distant land of Swainby! After a brief jaunt to the states to live she returned to the North East and is now living in Yarm, with her husband, Andrew and step-children, Seb and Poppy.

She has a background in performing arts, youth work, and community project management as well as a little experience on hospital radio!! This job allows her to combine all that experience in a job that she loves!

Stef is often quoted as saying if she is doing her job properly, by encouraging, recruiting and managing the volunteers and the radio you will never have to hear her on the airwaves! To keep this a reality please do contact her if you are interested in being part of the Leven Online Family! No experience necessary, just an interest to try and a bit of enthusiasm!